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Plaža Bečići
Becici beach and Budva Riviera

Bečići is adorned with one of the most beautiful beaches at the Mediterraean which is 1950 m long. In 1935 the beach was awarded Grand Prix in Paris for the most beautiful beach in Europe.
Bečići is the place famous for the hotel complexes situated right next to the beach, starting from the latest Splendid hotel, then to the Mediterraean hotel and so on. Some of the hotels are newly built; some are renovated and now offer a pleasant stay to each visitor. Within the hotel there are numerous amenities available to the hotel’s guests as well as to all visitors of Bečići.

The latest major investment was construction of a boulevard through Bečići, which reduced significantly the summertime rush, especially in high season when a lot of visitors stays in Bečići.
An excellent water skiing zone is in the western part of the beach, which proved to be very popular among visitors. It can be easily reached from Budva by following the pedestrian walkway while at the same time enjoying the dazzling scenery.

A long sandy beach (1950 m), tranquil sea, vast array of fun at the beach make Bečići an ideal place for a family holiday. The visitors have at their disposal – beach service, water sports gear, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, mini golf and other other amenities. It is considered one of the most beautiful and largest beaches at the South Adriatic Sea. The importance of the Budva Riviera beaches and the quality of the sand is evidenced by the fact that the Czechs made a sand exhibition of sands from these beaches for promotional purposes. In summertime for those without their own vehicle there is a local bus line to Saint Stefan and Petrovac so all the visitors can visit the entire Budva Riviera and widely known Budva beaches.

Plaže budvanska rivijereA unique natural and tourist attraction of the South Adriatic is represented by the abundance of beautiful sand beaches of smaller and large sand grains, with occasional round pebbles, open and blue sea clean as a teardrop.
The Budva Riviera officially has 16 sand beaches in the length of 10.280 m, the area of 283.440 m2 that can comfortably accommodate around 50.000 swimmers and sunbathers at once. By the quality of the sand the beaches belong to the first category. The centuries’ play of the sea waves with the shore has created a unique arrangement of oval bays with beaches. This incredible beauty of constant changes gives twice the enjoyment at the magnificent or steepy cliffs.

 Jazz beach is one of three largest beaches on the Montenegrin coastline. It is 1.200 m long and at the 2,5 km distance from Budva in the direction of Tivat. Behind the beach is Mrčevo field with Grbalj and Straža hills protecting the beach from its both sides. The seasonal Drenovstica river runs through the beach.
Jazz beach is covered in pebbles both on the shore and in the water while sand is in deeper water. The beach is ideal for campers because there is an auto-camping park with the capacity of 2.000 camp places at the back of the beach’s larger part which is covered with the Mediterranean vegetation. The beach’s area is 22.500 m2.

Mogren beach is made of two beaches 350 m long connected by a tunnel and stretching from cape Mogren to the belvedere of the Avala hotel. Outstanding sand both on land and in the water and the sun’s luminosity make these two beaches the most attractive ones on the Montenegro coastline. Since June 2004 beach Mogren has been awarded with the ‘’Blue flag’’ accrediting it for its safety and cleanliness. It is around 150 m away from the Old town with a concrete footpath leading to it. The beach was named after the Spanish sailor Mogrino who was cast up to the shore after a shipwreck. The beach’s area is 4.500 m2.

The beach got its name from the Czechs who were spending their summer holiday in Budva in 1935. The beach stretches from the town’s port to the Park hotel and is 1.600 m long. The Slovenian beach is pebbly both on land and in the water. Behind the beach there is a hotel complex with apartments and is full of lush Mediterranean vegetation. There is also a large number of beach bars where visitors can enjoy while drinking cold beverages. There are also several opportunities for sports activities such as waterpolo, volleyball, tennis, bungee jumping, small football and bowling within the beach area. The beach’s area is 24.800m2.

Saint Nikola beach is something that nobody should miss. Saint Nikola island is less than a kilometer away from the town. You can reach it by catching one of many boats departing daily from the Budva beaches. The island has three sandy beaches in the length of 840 m and is covered with a variety of Mediterranean vegetation. The shores steeply descend to the sea and have several delves which are perfect for romantic visitors. The most beautiful beaches are located on the southern part of the island which could be reached only by barks. The area is 2.700 m2.

The beach also known as “Small beach” is 80 m long and is situated under a walkway leading from Budva to Bečići by which a small tourist train also transports tourists on a daily basis. It is a fine sandy beach with sand both on land and in the water. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy while sipping a cold beverage in the shade. Guvance beach is oriented to the west so the stay is pleasant until late afternoon. Wathcing the sunset on this beautiful intimate beach is something that you will remember forever. The beach’s area is 950 m2.

Bečići beach is 1.800 m long and has been voted the most beautiful natural beach in the Metiterranean by international experts in Paris. Since the Budva beaches are natural monuments, they are under the special protection. Bečići is a sandy beach both on land and in the water and has a wide range of tourist attractions in its vicinity. Everything has been done to please many visitors in this unspoilt Mediterranean nature that offers an unforgettable experience. The area is 99.000 m2.

Kamenovo beach is around 330 m long and is located between Bečići and Pržno. This is one of the smallest sandy beaches in the Budva Riviera. The sand in the water is of a magnificent turquoise colour. The area is 10.500 m2.

Pržno beach stretches from cape Kamenovo to cape Miločer and is 260 m long. Above the beach there is a typical seaside settlement called Pržno distinguished by a lush Mediterranean vegetation. The extremely valuable olive groves are located at the back of the beach, making this area one of the protected natural habitats. In the beach’s vicinity there are a newly renovated Maestral hotel and several cottages and cafes offer an exquisite gastronomic experience. Here you can experience a true exotic sunset.
Površina 4.300 m2.

 In the vicinity of Saint Stefan, at the 500 m distance, there is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches. This is a sandy beach both on land and in the water. It is oriented to the west so the stay is pleasant until late afternoon. If you decide to stay late, you will experience an incredible sunset. This is a small beach in the length of 200m, comfortably positioned in front of the summer residency of the King Aleksandar Karađorđević. It was named after the Queen Marija Karađorđević because it was her favourite summer destination. The area is 1.950 m2.

Miločer beach is also known as “Kraljeva beach”. It is right next to the Kraljičina beach, surrounded by parks the size of 18 ha full of flowers and exotic plants and trees – Lebanese cedar, tropical mimosa, Japanese medlar, cactus, agave, pitoosporum and other trees. The seamen from this region used to bring back home from faraway coastal countries various species of rare and exotic trees and planted them in this area. The beach is 280 m long and with fine sand both on land and in the water. The area is 7.400 m2.

This is in the opinion of many the most attractive place along the entire Adriatic coast, on which we can see a rare natural phenomenon called tombola. This is a sandy neck of land that connects the shore with the rock which Sveti Stefan, this exclusive town hotel, was built on.On the left and right side of the tombola there are two sandy beaches with reddish sand in the total length of 1.1.70 m. At the back you can find hotel, restaurants, cafes, diving club, car park and the Mediterranean style park. Sveti Stefan is the only “deluxe” location on the Montenegro coastline and its recognised worldwide. The area is 14.600 m2.

Towards the south and Petrovac, there are many small beaches formed in ravines and only accessible from the sea. The most distinguished beach there is Drobni pijesak, the beach hidden inside the ravine and in the length of 250 m. Yellow and white sand gives the impression of a real tropical beach, while the back of the beach is covered with olive groves and maquis shrubland making it somewhat ‘’wild’’. The beach has a spring of fresh water and several hospitality facilities. Drobni pijesak is a favourite picnic spot for the locals. In the past it used to be a gathering place of heads of the Paštrović – Bankada tribes. The area is 5.000 m2.

Perazića Do beach is located near the Reževići monastery below the national highway. A small sandy beach is 40 m long and recessed in a deep valley. The beautiful As hotel and a wharf for small beaches are situated near the beach. The area is 540 m2.

This sandy beach in the length of 600 m with reddish sand is one of the most visited in the Budva Riviera. Special attractive charms are the islands Katič and Holy sunday which are specially attractive for the admirers of deep seas. Petrovačka beach is one of the natural habitats under conservation. Its swimming area bordered with the walkway, cafes, restaurants, etc. At the back of the beach there are Palas, Riviera and 4 July hotels. The area is 9525 m2.

An amazing swimming location which has remained unspoilt despite being popular among many tourists. Lučice beach is 500 m away from the Petrovac town when heading towards south. It has a shape of a small bay in the length of 229 m, with sand both on land and in the water. The beach is shallow for a long way out and surrounded by the pine and cypress forest at the back. There are also several restaurants and cafes. The area is 4250 m2.

Buljarica beach is perhaps the biggest tourist potential on the coast of Montenegro. Buljarica field and the slopes of Dubovice hill are suitable for all kinds of tourism attractions. Buljarica ravine spreads from cape Resovo hill to Dubovice and is the biggest beach on the way to Bar. This pebbly beach is 2250 m long with several auto camps and rest places. The area is 72850 m2.


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