Becici beach and Budva Riviera

Bečići is adorned with one of the most beautiful beaches at the Mediterraean which is 1950 m long. In 1935 the beach was awarded Grand Prix in Paris for the most beautiful beach in Europe. Bečići is the place famous for the hotel complexes situated right next to the beach, starting from the latest Splendid hotel, then to the Mediterraean hotel and so on. Some of the hotels are newly built; some are renovated and now offer a pleasant stay to each visitor. Within the hotel there are numerous amenities available to the hotel’s guests as well as to all visitors of Bečići. The latest major investment was construction of a boulevard through Bečići, which reduced significantly the summertime rush, especially in high season when a lot of visitors stays in Bečići. An excellent water skiing zone is in the western part of the beach, which proved to be very popular among visitors. It can be easily reached from Budva by following the pedestrian walkway while at the same time enjoying the dazzling scenery. A long sandy beach (1950 m), tranquil sea, vast array of fun at the beach make Bečići an ideal place for a family holiday. The visitors […]

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